Kariba Group is an investment holding company dedicated to investments in Africa. The region is home to many world class businesses and has a number of particularly attractive features for long-term investors, and yet it remains largely overlooked and still has a severe shortage of reasonably priced long-term capital. This combination presents opportunities that cannot be found in developed markets.

Kariba Group Limited is a private company registered in the United Kingdom. Our shareholders are high net worth individuals and family offices.



Low Cost


We work hard to avoid unnecessary expenditure and to minimise overheads such as transaction costs and travel costs. This enables us to maximise reinvestment and boost long-term capital growth.

Low Risk


We aim to minimise the risk of permanent loss of capital. We specifically avoid sectors that are uniquely risky in Africa and we undertake our own in depth analysis to avoid overpaying when making investments.

Long Term

We only invest in businesses that we would be happy to own indefinitely. This brings a certain discipline to our process, it reduces transaction costs, and it helps us build lasting relationships with our investees.


Year End





Compound Annual Gain

Overall Gain

Per Share NAV





Annual Change






Note: 2016 covers nine month period from incorporation. Starting per share NAV was £0.0100.